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Programmer needed. Nous avons besoin de programmer. En construction, sera en ligne en Juin 2017. In construction, will start in June 2016. See link Financez moi ! on blog. This fundraising app, will be interest, duration and amount of loan based. If the money 100% funded is not taken after 1 month, the money is refunded to lenders. borrower must accept the loan before starting to pay. if interest is 0, lenders must understand there are no revenue it become a donation from them but refund from them and to them is set too but with no interest. When money is 100% funded, borrower start to refund lenders monthly, each month + interest. For projects not 100% funded we wait until it's 100% funded but lenders can remove their loans at anytime. When 100% of fund is set, it become locked. There will be bar % funded, with 2 colors, orange and blue, orange is the amount funded in %. People cannot modifiate interest, amount of loan and period/duration. Lenders have already a table for them with passwords and email to login, we can add images/avatar of lenders, their name etc. on www.PRETp2p.com/jesuispreteur, to display the name of the lender is ok, but we cant message them. See the list of borrowers here. There will be a fee of 0% per transfer of money + 30 cents for lenders. Borrower are asked each month to refund lenders automatically, automatic deposit of money, to lenders "jesuispreteur" account, when a there is a problem for refunding, we receive a notice and we provide a collection agency to lenders, we also use our system with lenders with rates to protect against bad credits. We give to lenders the total amount of money borrowed / by time + interest, according to % of money sent to initial loan per month. Files to edit: financez-moi.php, mesdemandes.php, jesuispreteur-mesdemandes.php, transfert-dargent.php, you can add columns update them and add tables. We charge around 30 cents per transaction + between 1% to 1.5% to borrowers as a comission. Lenders must be professionnals and qualified. Rates depends on the credit scores, evaluations & purposes of our borrowers.

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